range safety

Safety first: Everyone must follow all posted rules during each visit.

Talon is a COLD RANGE. There is no bagging or un-bagging of firearms in the parking lot. All members and guests must check in at the Pro Shop each visit. If it is your first visit, you must complete your orientation in the Pro Shop or in advance online. 

Click “Here” to complete orientation and sign the wavier.

The wavier and hold harmless agreement will need to be signed by everyone over the age of 18 who comes on to the property. Regardless if they are shooting or not.

By signing the agreement, you are certifying that you are able to legally possess a firearm. If you shoot and you are not legally able to do so, you are committing a felony.


Tallahassee Location:

Monday – Friday: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8AM – 9PM
*Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas

Dothan Location:

Monday – Saturday: 9AM – Dark
Sunday: 12 – Dark
*Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas