Talon Defender Advanced (350)

This course represents the second in a three part series. 250, 350 and 450. The Advanced(350) course will build on the foundations set before it by the Enhanced(250).


Basic II

Talon Range 550 Commerce Blvd, Midway, FL

Our Basic II course is an intermediate four hour course that is designed for people who have already taken a CCW class or just want to learn how to use their handgun.


Talon Defender Professional (450) Recertifications

Talon Range 550 Commerce Blvd, Midway, FL

The Defender Recertification Course is designed for students who have completed the Talon Defender Series of classes and would like to maintain follow on training.


Basic 1/CCW

Talon Range 550 Commerce Blvd, Midway, FL

Basic I is an introduction to handgun shooting in a defensive context. This course exceeds Florida requirements for firearms safety class and a certificate obtained during this course can be used to apply for a CCW License. There will be at least two classes scheduled per month.